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We conduct routine basic and advanced implantology courses and workshops for the graduates who want to learn the skills of placing and restoring implants.  Every candidate gets a chance to perform all the steps in dental implants in a patient.  The patients for the course are arranged by us.


The basic implantology course is of 5 modules:


Module 1: Implant basic Theory + Demo of implant related components + Demo of different implant kits + Case history + Model analysis + OPG Analysis + Incision and suturing practice on goat mandible + Mock drilling and placement on dummy mandible


Module 2: 1st stage surgery on patients by the candidates


Module 3: 2nd stage surgery & CBCT workshop by a guest faculty.  The basics of CBCT are discussed and later candidates practice the CBCT software on the laptop about how to calculate bone width, height, marking of nerve etc.


Module 4: Implant impression: using closed & open tray technique.


Module 5: Crown cementation and prosthetic workshop by a guest faculty.  Basic implant prosthodontics is discussed and different implant options are discussed for a variety of clinical situations.

Workshop highlights:

1.      Candidates get to experience extensive theory and practical aspects of basic implantology.

2.      Limited participants: 5-6 per batch

3.      5 modules( 5 Sundays) with gap inbetween so that the practice time is not disturbed on weekdays.

4.      Exclusive CBCT and Prosthetic workshop

Case discussions on Watsapp group during and after course completion

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