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How to fix gap in front teeth without braces?

Gap in teeth especially in front teeth is quite common. Dentists refer to the gap or space between space as a diastema.  Sometimes people get used to it, but later may be it starts bothering considering the aesthetic part. Apart from aesthetic purpose it starts causing many problems like trapping food particles, gum issues etc.

There are many treatment options available to treat spaces in teeth to enhance the aesthetic as well as health benefits for your smile.

Orthodontic treatment is often considered a good treatment option to correct spacing in teeth. However, many other non-orthodontic treatments are done in order to address the spacing in teeth.


Dental bonds are tooth colored composite. These bonds are applied in one visit which makes this application quick and easy. The main advantage of this filling is, it is non-invasive. A tooth colored resin material is applied to teeth and it is shaped and carved to get as natural form of teeth as possible.


It is fixed prosthesis which requires slight more time than composite filling as it includes laboratory work. It is used to cover the entire tooth. Dental crowns are fixed prosthetic restorations that are made specifically to restore a damaged tooth to its original shape and size. When properly placed, a dental crown will also fill the portion of the gapped tooth and will sit just above the gum line. Slight cutting or modification may be require for the existing teeth so the crowns will get proper fit over the teeth. Crowns are cemented over two teeth that are next to each other in order to close the gap between them. There are different varieties of caps one can choose from. Different options are ceramic cap, metal free zirconia cap, Emax ceramic caps etc.


They are thin custom made shells that are placed over the surface of teeth.

It is thin piece of porcelain which is shaped in laboratory to match the shape and color of other natural teeth. It is placed and bonded over front side of teeth covering any gaps present.


Clear aligners is an alternative to braces. They are easily removable and less noticeable. Aligners are basically clear, custom made pieces that are placed over surface of teeth and slowly move them in desired position in order to close the gap between them.

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